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Considering adoption for your baby

Choosing adoption for your baby is a gift of love. A Bond of Life Adoptions hopes to make this time easier by sharing options to help you make the decision which is best for you and your baby. We hope to help you understand what an incredible decision you are making by choosing adoption. This is a personal decision and you should never feel pressured by anyone at anytime while you are making your plan. We are sensitive to your personal needs and you will receive the privacy and compassion that you deserve during this time. We offer 24 hour support to assist you in addressing those difficult questions and making the greatest decision possible for yourself and your unborn child. A Bond of Life Adoptions is committed to assisting birth parents to find that perfect adoptive families. You have many options while considering an adoptive family. You can choose where your adoptive couple lives, if they do or do not have children, stay at home mom, specific religion, etc. You can also choose an Open Adoption, Semi-Open Adoption or Closed. We would be happy to give you details on the types of adoptions and help you choose which will fit your plan. Birth mothers are always treated with respect and compassion. Our staff will talk with you about the many options with adoptions and will assist with whatever choice you make. These include:

  • Creating your personalized adoption plan
  • Selecting a stable, secure and loving adoptive family for your baby, or our staff can assist you with choosing a family
  • Ongoing contact with your adoptive family during the adoption process and after placement as agreed upon
  • Assisting with medical care and coverage
  • Assisting with living expenses
  • Obtaining housing
  • Counseling
  • Legal assistance
If you have weighed your options and feel this is the best decision to place your unborn or already born child for adoption, we can begin by creating your personalized adoption plan. You just need to call us any time, day or night and we can help! We are non-judgmental and want to truly help be a support system during this difficult time in your life. You can know and feel confident that a licensed child placing agency is handling your adoption and it is going to be done legally and properly.