Wanting to Adopt


Wanting to Adopt

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Why Choose ABL Adoptions?

Families choose ABL Adoptions for our passion, dedication, professionalism and our ability to build families through the miracle of adoption. We take tremendous pride in our staff. They are committed to your adoption and making the process go as smooth as possible. Our belief involves education and understanding. It is these beliefs that allow us to know exactly what you are going through, as many of our staff are either adoptive mothers or a former birth mother. We are able to walk you through the adoption process every step of the way. Not only will we be your mentor and resource throughout the adoption process, but we will also remain available to you long after your family is complete. It is our goal to personalize each adoption experience and to make the experience as smooth as possible.

One of the services that make our adoption program unique is the time, energy and revenue that go into our advertising initiatives. Through this extensive advertising we speak to mothers who are considering adoption for their child. While our waiting time averages about 12 to 18 months, we cannot guarantee a time frame for a completed adoption. But we do assure you that we will work with you until you are home with a baby. We limit our client base which allows us to offer a quality adoption plan to each of our clients. Birth mothers are accepted into our program based upon a diligent screening process and a birth mother’s demonstrated commitment to the adoption process. We do not have a “waiting list” as we believe that birth parents and adoptive parents should choose each other base on their criteria, not ours.

Who Can Adopt?

Married couples and single adults are accepted as a prospective adoptive parent. Families are served without regard to race, color, creed, sex, national original, age or marital status. You must however obtain an approved home study through a licensed child placing agency such as ours. A Bond of Life Adoptions staff must review and approve home study prior to acceptance into our program.

Your Adoption Plan

When completing your application there are many decisions you must make regarding the health background of your birth mother and her social economics. With domestic adoption you are able to know a great deal of information about birth parents regarding family history, genetics, health history, prenatal care and motivation behind their decision to place their child for adoption. Also, while creating your adoption plan you will need to explore the types of adoptions. From closed to semi-open and fully open. This is something you must carefully discuss and should not be made hastily. Our staff can offer you reading material or even talk with other families that have adopted and learn about their type of adoption. Your adoption plan can grow and evolve as you learn more about adoption. The best advice we can offer you, is be yourself and you will get the baby you are meant to raise.